About Me

I am a motivated and driven software engineer with years of experience in full stack development and team collaboration. I strive to never stop learning, diversify my knowledge and experience, and work through tough problems. I emphasize the never ending importance of consistent growth and make it my priority to build scalable and quality products. I am a technologist who chases new technology to better solve today's tough technical challenges.

Skills: webpack, grunt, gulp, npm, yarn, webrtc, web performance, babel, bower, nodejs, reactjs, vuejs, angular, react native, sass, less, postcss, serverless, expressjs, typescript, es6, es7, html, css, indexdb, mongodb, sql, mysql, aws

Work Experience

Sr. Frontend Engineer @ Amazon Care

2021 - Present

Frontend Engineer @ Amazon Care

2018 - Present

My role as the Video Care Experience Lead where I strive to influence my organization and team to build robust customer-centric frontend experiences, creating native feeling web applications, measuring, quantifying, and improving overall Video call quality, and generally improving overall experiences in the browser.

VueJS, React, GraphQL, TypeScript, NodeJS, Serverless, AWS, AWS Cognito, WebRTC, ElectronJS, Java, and Vuex.

VP Engineering @ Dermveda

2016 - 2018

My role was planning, designing, and implementing multiple web based platforms with focus on robust and scalable systems.

ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, AWS, Redux, StripeJS, AngularJS, and ElasticSearch.

Full Stack Developer @ Health Financial Systems

2014 - 2016

My role was to be a contributing member to the web development team and to build mass data translating and reporting tools.

ASP.NET, Javascript, MySQL, SQL, and IIS.

Recent Work

Goodbye Electron, Hello Desktop PWAs

Okay maybe I am jumping the gun on this but this is some exciting news to say the least!...

Serverless Micro-services

Many of us cringe at the cost of our cloud hosting fees...

PWA Asset Caching Strategies

Determining your caching strategies for assets in your PWA can be somewhat of a ‘rabbit hole’...

Measuring Web Performance Tools 101

Measuring performance is a tricky feat. and can sometimes be a tad overwhelming finding out where to start. I have compiled a list of tools...

React Isomorphic/Universal Apps w/NodeJS

When it comes to Single Page Applications SEO becomes a common annoyance...

“Work It” featuring Service Workers

Service Workers are gaining some serious traction and their role in Progressive Web Apps is a crucial one...

Web Components, Web's Dirty Secret

Okay maybe not a secret…Web components are awesome and just not used as often as they should be. Sometimes we grab on to a framework...

GraphQL Remote Stitching w/NodeJS

Micro-services have been gaining popularity because of their awesome architecture to modularize services and provide a movement away from monolithic applications...

Sac JS Service Workers

Service Workers are revolutionizing how our web applications feel in comparison to native applications...

Web Performance Metrics Everyone Should Care About

Web Performance metrics can sometimes be a bit arbitrary and diluted by sheer volume. It is important that we call out the ones...

Health 2.0 Presentation

My team won 2nd place at Google's Startup Weekend and were given the opportunity to present at Health 2.0.

Comstock's Startup of the Month

Dermveda was nominated 'Comstock's Startup of the Month' in December.

SacJS Serverless

Server-less applications can be a nightmare to maintain and organize...

Parking Lot Reservation Project

Parking lot reservation manager built on ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Web Sockets. This project was meant to run on 3 different iOT devices such as raspberry Pi's...

Anonymous Chatroom

A social experiment anonymous chatroom built on ExpressJS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, and Web Sockets. This project was deployed on Physical Web Beacons and used to strike up conversations with strangers.

Squiid Group Pay on React Native

Squiid is a hackathon project written in about 15 hours in React Native. I was responsible for writing the mobile application while my cohort wrote the restful api. Squiid is a group pay transaction application...